Thursday, June 23, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 337

The battle was going poorly for Per Degaton. Capturing the valkyrie in the distant past was easy enough, but he hadn't counted on such opposition. The Vikings--who should have been on his verdammt side!--were led by a prince who seemed to have a personal connection with the horsewoman. With his advanced weaponry, he might have been able to turn them back completely, were it not for the savages, some of whom had powers like the mystery men of his own time. If he wanted to ensure a Nazi victory in the war--and thus, ensure his own world conquest--then he would need reinforcements. The enchanted coin, the one that would seek out the √úbermensch, was his only hope. He tossed it into the timestream, charged with chronal energy, so that the √úbermensch would be transported to this moment in time as soon as he made contact.

And this moment, just after Superman touched the coin back in Decorah, IA, is exactly when he arrived! Unfortunately for Degaton, his ploy didn't produce an ally, and now the Man of Steel stands with Prince Jon and Wakiya-Cante against Degaton's forces. But when the battle spills back into modern-day Iowa, Superman must find a way to put everything and everyone back where they belong!

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