Monday, June 06, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 320

A recently-acquired sarcophagus has been revealing a very different Memphis, TN--one straight out of ancient Egypt! For weeks now, Egyptologists have been disappearing from the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, so Institute donor Simon Stagg sent adventurer Rex Mason--aka Metamorpho, the Element Man--in to investigate! But when Rex fell through the sarcophagus into ancient Egypt, he opened the cosmic floodgates. Now, desert sands, shambling mummies, and a phalanx of Egyptian war-gods are pouring into the River City, and Superman stands alone against their progress. The Action Ace must stop their invasion if he hopes to prevent the destruction of modern Memphis and further conquest, but destroying the portal would strand Metamorpho and a dozen innocent Egyptologists in a hostile ancient land!

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