Monday, June 13, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 327

Superman is stranded at the mouth of the Eleven Point River in Arkansas, but he's never been farther from home! The Man of Steel has traded places with his Earth-11 counterpart, and the Justice League is none too happy about Superwoman's disappearance! But even if Superman can convince Batwoman, Wonder Warrior, and their colleagues, they have no way of getting him back to his world--not without some help from the 31st Century! Bouncing Betty, Duo Dude, Brainia 5, Lightning Lass, and Light Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroines have come back to bridge the gap between worlds and rescue their lost Legionnaire. Meanwhile, Superwoman and her mysterious new ally work to find a way back to her Earth, but his ulterior motives may mean the end for both Kryptonians!

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