Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Stuck in the '90s again

Chris Roberson, Kevin Maguire, and Jimmy Palmiotti have all tweeted that they don't have any upcoming work in the New DCU. Brian Wood and Brian Clevenger both were apparently booted from titles. James Robinson, Paul Dini, Phil Hester, J.M. DeMatteis, and Keith Giffen's names have all been conspicuously absent from any announcements.

Meanwhile, JT Krul is writing two titles, and a whole bunch of artists and people whose names you last heard circa 1995 are moving up to writing duties for the "bold new DCU." It's not even "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." It's "meet the new boss, who has even less variety than the old boss." It's ridiculous to be trying to promote a bold new direction with the same writers you had for the old direction, but to also jettison your promising, up-and-coming new writers--including people whose most prominent work thus far has been to clean up other writers' messes--in favor of untested quantities like artists who have never scripted before, that seems like shooting yourself in the foot. With a green willpower-plasma gatling gun.

I just don't understand why you would take people who are good writers on somewhat popular books and leave them out in the cold. Unless the "bold new direction" you have is "toward failure."

Every new day of reveals for this new DCU fills me with a couple of glimmers of hope, and a whole lot of DC playing the role of cargo cultists, hoping that if they act like it's the '90s again, then the sales figures and comic book boom of the 1990s will come back and everyone will prosper once more.

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Anthony Strand said...

Yesterday was the first day to really excite me. Lemire and Snyder on characters I love a lot? Yeah, I'll take it!

But today was easily the worst so far. I have no interest in any of the books at all.