Saturday, April 07, 2012

Let the power...return!

So, news broke recently that DC is publishing a new He-Man comic series. As a He-Fan from way back, I'm fairly excited by this. I'd be more excited if it were someone other than James Robinson at the helm, and I really don't have an opinion on Philip Tan. That said, it could hardly be worse than some of the issues that came out from the last series at Image/CrossGen/MVC, which I say with the utmost love and respect for the creators, knowing that their hands were largely tied with corporate red tape. The premise sounds a little like a fanfic I'd started years ago (and a little like the plot to She-Ra), but it could have some promise.

It doesn't really matter too much. If there's any character besides Superman whose comics I will definitely at least try, it's He-Man. Much to the detriment of my pockets.

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