Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 196

There is a new crater in Houston, Texas today, and Superman lies at the bottom of it! Solaris the Tyrant Sun, has risen, and its dawn may herald the end of days!! But this artifact of the world that's coming is not acting alone--it has united with the anti-superhero satellite called "Brother Eye"! Together, they have created a bizarre new danger, an entity called O.M.A.C.: the "Organic Meta-human Annihilation Construct"--and it has its sights set on Superman! But this sun-born god-killer will be a terror he never bargained for--and could never defeat!! The Man of Tomorrow will need assistance from far beyond tomorrow, and so he sends an "S.O.S." into the depths of space and time, hoping to reach his distant descendant--before it's too late!

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