Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 216

Harvey Dent has left Gotham, and he's out to make his distinctive mark on the Twin Cities! The criminal mastermind has hidden binary-compound bombs all around Minneapolis and St. Paul, and he's given the cities a dilemma: whichever city can pay his fee--$222,222,222.22--by 2:22 PM will be spared. The other? Well, to say it would end up scarred might be an understatement. And if neither city makes the payment, their survival will be up to the coin. The visiting Man of Steel speeds toward Two-Face's hideout, only to be caught in a terrible trap! If the power-duplicating Paragon isn't enough to keep Superman busy, then Two-Face's shard of black kryptonite certainly will be! Now, if he's to have any chance at saving the Twin Cities from certain doom, the Man of Steel must deal with his own dastardly duplicate!


Eric Garneau said...

Are you the first person to think of putting Two Face in the Twin Cities? Because that is really brilliant.

Tom Foss said...

It seems like the kind of thing that probably happened in the Silver Age, but I doubt that it would have been Minneapolis/St.Paul as opposed to some fictional twin-cities. Thanks, though!