Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 207

Dane Roberts is usually the driver of the popular Titano monster truck, but a sudden malfunction before the big show at the Georgia Dome forces him to take the wheel of a new truck: the CARnivore. Once he's strapped in, a strange and mysterious curse takes hold, transforming him and the truck into a rampaging biomechanical beast! With a hunger for steel and a thirst for transmission fluid, the CARnivore breaks free of the Georgia Dome and carves a swath of automotive destruction toward the Atlanta Highway, where Superman stops its demolition derby. Despite its strength and ferocity, however, the biggest threat to Superman comes after the battle, when a costumed bystander sees his interview with Lois Lane. Dr. Love is in Georgia, and his unique ability allowed him to see the powerful love connection between the Man of Tomorrow and the married reporter. Superman may have saved Atlanta, but can he rescue his identity, his marriage, and his reputation?

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