Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 203

Dinah Lance and Rose Forrest are in Seattle, WA to oversee the grand re-opening of the original Sherwood Florist, but even before the doors open, there's a sense of sturm and drang in the air. And when one of the strange and interesting plants shipped over from the Gotham City branch turns out to be a Pamela Isley original, the little shop's loyal clientele suddenly see more than they bargained for! The rampaging rhododendron rises out from among the zinnias, hungry for blood, and the Emerald City's got more than enough. So while Dinah readies her Canary Cry and Rhosyn pulls on something that's green, the visiting Man of Steel drops by to help with the weeding. But to this ferocious flytrap, Superman looks like plant food--and it's suppertime!

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