Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 206

Most superheroes turn their attentions toward fighting crime, but there are thousands of metahumans in the world, and not everyone has abilities suited to apprehending criminals or fighting alien invaders. Consider Bryan Laska, a young medical researcher working at West Virginia University's Center for Neuroscience on an fMRI study to discover how human brains tap into the so-called "emotional spectrum." He never suspected that he had the meta-gene, until a mishap in the lab left him with the uncanny ability to see love before it happens. Determined to use this power for the benefit of humanity, he takes the name Dr. Love, and begins his epic quest to spread romance! But when Superman encounters Morgantown's masked matchmaker, he wonders if there may be a sinister component to Laska's unique ability--one that even the young hero himself may not suspect!

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