Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 214

Andrew Meda is a forklift operator in Shreve, OH--or at least he was before a strange illness took hold of him. Now, he's running out of sick days, his insurance is starting to turn him down for all the tests that reveal nothing about his condition, and his small savings account is getting considerably smaller. So as he spends another day at home, alone, unable to leave his bed, he sees a curious documentary on the Historical Channel. The program explores the fringe theory that Superman is an immortal, who has secretly shaped American history since its very beginning. In particular, a number of unexplained sightings and reports from Philadelphia around July 4, 1776, suggest that the Man of Steel himself may have been involved in the signing of the Declaration of Independence! Something about the show triggers a lost, familiar feeling in Meda, and he knows that he must contact Superman while he is still in the Buckeye State--his very life depends on it!

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