Thursday, February 10, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 204

He came to Sweetwater, Texas mere weeks ago, bony and hollow-faced, walking like a man asleep. What bizarre influences brought him to the Wind Turbine Capital of Texas are unknown, but as soon as he arrived, he embarked on the strangest project ever imagined: to reshape reality, to crown himself king, and to rule over a feudal Texas--and then, the world!

When the wild winds of fortune carry Superman to Sweetwater, he finds a town caught between the medieval and modern, and the effect is spreading. He knows not why or who to blame for this bleak and unbearable world, but he marches through the impossible, dreamlike landscape to discover the source. But he has stepped into a world that cannot be, the world of King John, the world of Dr. Destiny! The longer Superman remains, the more the dream pulls at him, alters him, the more Destiny calls to him, and soon even his steely mind will go! Superman has but half a prayer to topple the godlike regent from his golden throne, but no matter how hopeless his chances, no matter how weary his arms, he knows that he must battle even an unbeatable foe--the question still remains: will he find glory, or will even his last ounce of courage be too little?

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