Friday, February 04, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 198

In the 853rd Century, an unexpected tragedy caused that era's Man of Steel to face a crisis of confidence. Counseled by Superman Prime, he decided to take a journey into the timestream, visiting his ancestors to get back in touch with his Superman-ity. The final leg on this journey brought him to the first Superman, during a time in his life when he faced a similar set of problems. Following their climactic battle against apparently insurmountable odds, the futuristic Superman finally feels like he's conquered his doubts and can return to his own timeline--until a malfunction in his suit's chronocircuits sends both him and the modern-day Man of Steel one hundred and seventy-five years into the past, and two hundred miles west! The Men of Steel are thrust into the middle of the Battle of the Alamo, and they're not the only anachronisms around--the Texian soldiers are driving back the Mexican Army with automatic weapons and laser rifles! What time traveling trickster would turn the tide of the Texas Revolution? It's up to the Supermen to stop it, before history is irrevocably changed!

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