Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Intelligent Design and News

I'll contribute a bit to the Google bombing of Intelligent Design for the better education and general good of America. Also, note the new links to some cool science blogs.

Expect a post by me on Intelligent Design over at Jon Maxson's America in the next few days. It's 5 pages long right now, so I need to trim it just a skosh, and that accounts for the bulk of the delay.

As far as comic stuff, I re-read Waid's Legion of Super-Heroes so far, and I have some more detailed (and positive) stuff to say about the run as a whole. That should be coming very soon, as well as my examination of purple-and-green costumes, my rant on Birthright vs. Man of Steel, and some comments on the Kirby Jimmy Olsen comics, which I may actually post later tonight.

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