Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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I only recently started regularly reading Brian Cooksey's Noetic Concordance, though that insanely catchy name has been popping up frequently in the random churnings of my brain. Mr. Cooksey's got some great reviews, a fantastic attitude, and oodles of other entertaining content that I really haven't had time to sit and actually devour.

So, imagine my pleasant surprise when he listed little-ol'-me as a cool blog he found in the Blogaround Challenge at Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog. He called me a "mensch," which makes me wish I knew the yiddish word for "totally awesome."

Also, he called "Fortress of Soliloquy" an "excellent name," which is about the opposite of how I felt when I coined it at 3 A.M. when I first started this blog. It really has grown on me, though, and I'm glad I've kept it.

As such, Noetic Concordance has made a long-overdue appearance in the links section, and I'm emboldened to provide good content on a more regular basis. First Brian Cronin chimes into the replies section, now Brian Cooksey...looks like the Fortress of Soliloquy is a magnet for the Brians of the Comic Blogosphere. Neat.

A release date was announced for the animated Superman Season 2 DVD set, December 6th, which puts it out just in time for my birthday! I'm a little disappointed that it's only 18 episodes, a little more disappointed that three of them are the "World's Finest" episodes that I already have on DVD, and more disappointed that there are only two commentaries. The commentaries on the Batman and Superman episodes, barring perhaps that distracting and repetitive video commentary on Batman Vol. 3, have been fantastic. Even so, I'll be owning it sooner or later, and I wouldn't be surprised if "Batman Begins" and the "New Adventures of Batman and Robin" or "Batman: Gotham Knights," whatever you call the WB Batman series, have release dates in a similar timeframe. Gonna be a nice Christmas for DVDs, methinks.

Why I love satellite TV: Law & Order SVU at 9, Daily Show at 10, Futurama at 10:30, Batman at 11, Superman at 11:30, Twilight Zone at 12, and Quantum Leap at 1. Throw Invisible Man and Gargoyles in there, and you'd have a decent soup of my favorite shows of all time.

Speaking of great television, here's an idea: the Superhero channel. Resurrect all those series that Sci-Fi and Spike own the rights to but don't care about (yeah, Sci-Fi, "Pterodactyl" is better viewing than "Invisible Man." Keep making your garbage C-movies, rather than putting out quality TV like you used to. At least Lexx is gone too). Mornings could be occupied by the classics of animation: Super Friends, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, the Iron Man/Fantastic Four hour, the FILMation Justice League and Teen Titans cartoons, Freakazoid, Earthworm Jim, and the like. Early afternoons bring Superman, Batman, Batman Beyond, and Justice League (and perhaps Static Shock, Teen Titans, and Zeta Project), and probably Spider-Man and X-Men too, just to round out the Marvel side of things. Primetime would be Incredible Hulk, Adventures of Superman, Superboy, Lois and Clark, 60's Batman, Green Hornet, Wonder Woman, The Flash, maybe even Swamp Thing. Heck, the Lone Ranger and Buck Rogers could easily fit in there someplace, as could Invisible Man, Greatest American Hero, and the like. Break out movies on the weekend, from the classic Batman and Superman serials to cheesy flicks like the Justice League of America live-action pilot and Barb Wire, to classics like Superman and the Hulk TV movies. There's easily a weekly schedule in there, all that's left is someone to fund it.

If Lifetime: Real Women can be a channel, why not Superhero TV?

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