Sunday, August 28, 2005

Paging Amanda Conner...

Someone, put Amanda Conner on a Superman book, pronto. Pair her with Gail Simone--two of the finest ladies in comics working on its premier hero, that'd rock.

I say this because of Conner's recent JSA: Classified #2, where she did something totally different with her portrayal of Superman: she made him look like a normal guy.

Well, as normal as any guy looks in a cape and spandex. But he wasn't muscles-on-muscles in a skintight uniform, he was a little lanky, a little awkward, and he looked so down-to-earth...exactly how you'd imagine a farmboy from Kansas to look when in the big city, comforting a big friend.

No, the Fortress of Soliloquy is not above joking about Power Girl's breasts.

But man, that art...that touched a nerve in me. I've seen hundreds of artists' work on Superman over the years, and only a few stand out as totally unique. Amanda Conner's is among the uniquest.

Get this lady on a Superman book, ASAP!

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