Thursday, April 20, 2006

DC Solicit Snark

Wow, they sure cancelled JSA quietly.

Looks like the rumors of Vandal Savage's death were greatly exaggerated.

And the award for least dynamic cover ever goes to...

Looks like Dick Grayson's in the market for a new first name. Honestly, how many Nightwings does one book need?

What an ugly, ugly cover. Note to Michael Turner: please don't try to draw perspective. Ever.

Looks like Snapper Carr is controlling the new OMAC. "Eye dig that crazy hot rod, Creator-O! Eye'm buggin' out!"

I believe this is what happens when Ethan Van Sciver vomits onto a canvas. Ye gods, I think he looked at this and said "Wow, that cover's so awful that I bet I could put Ghost Rider right in the middle of it, and no one would even notice."

52 Looks like it's going to be a blast, and that's no snark.

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1 comment:

Diamondrock said...

It's not so much a cancel as a reboot. That's for sure.

And if I may be incredibly shallow regarding that Nightwing cover: Whoever that is is *totally* hot.