Saturday, April 08, 2006

Strangely prophetic...

Hey, remember the last Crisis crossover?

No, not Crisis on Infinite Earths. And not Identity Crisis either. No, I'm talking about Zero Hour: Crisis in Time.

Yes, that crisis.

135 months until Infinite Crisis!I was reading through some Superboy comics today, partially for nostalgia's sake, partially because I hadn't read them yet, and partially because issue #9 introduces Aquaman's new riding partner, King Shark. Incidentally, if you're looking for a wonderful mourning issue, check out Superboy #4, which has our dear, departed Kon-El, his late girlfriend Tana Moon, and art by the sorely-missed Mike Parobeck.

Anyway, I read Superboy #8, where a time-anomaly Silver Age Superboy happens upon our modern protagonist in Smallville. Reading this first clash of the Superboys really resonates once you've seen Infinite Crisis. Check it out:

A few months earlier, he would have agreed with you.
The obligatory superhero fight

To be fair, Conner's still got eleven years.
You can enlarge this one, but here's the dialogue:
Conner: Eat chain, [???] poser--that's exactly who I am! And here's a hint for you wanna-be's--gonna pass yourself off as the genuine article? Wait 'til I'm DEAD!
Clark: Which shouldn't be long at the rate you're going.

Oy, way to foreshadow there, Kon. I guess Superboy-Prime just got tired of waiting.

So wait, was the lawsuit part of Countdown to Infinite Crisis too, then?
Oh Superboy, that's for the courts and the Siegels to decide.

Isn't he supposed to be bald? Oh wait, wrong Superboy...
Now, imagine that with the Anti-Monitor's armor...

The way things were.
Too bad the latest meeting couldn't have ended like this. Especially when they both started the same way:

The more things stay the same, the more they change.

Coincidence? You be the judge.

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Jim said...

I remember those issues where Conner encountered the young Clark Kent. I enjoyed how they actually seemed to get along so that rather than reading a fight, you could see the contrast between the morals and values of Clark and the modern, but not compromised, values of Conner.

I don't remember, though, that they ever stated the Clark Superboy was Superboy Prime. I always assumed that although this Superboy might be similar in character and period to Superboy Prime, it wasn't actually him.

Tom Foss said...

Oh, it wasn't Superboy-Prime, but a Silver Age Superboy. I was just showing the parallels between this, Conner's first encounter with a pre-Crisis Superboy, and his last such encounter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember that one. The Robin Zero Hour issue had old, Dick Grayson Robin and new Tim; pretty solid issue there too. But this Superboy-Prime business has left me cold: I'm old enough to remember it was a dumb idea in the first place. Earth 1 or 2 or Q I could handle, but not this.