Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Snippet Squad 7: A Tek Jansen Adventure

So, how bad is it that when "George L." walked onto the set of the Colbert Report tonight, I thought it was just some guy in a comically-undersized George Lucas mask? The man's always had a weird-looking head and/or neck, but usually his beard gives him a veneer of normalcy.

Even so, very cool. Reminds me of the days when I was proud to be a Star Wars fan.

So, the line (from the same show) "No one expects dinosaurs in space!" has prompted me to finish my Adam Strange post that I started months ago. Expect it within a couple of days. Maybe even before the next Freakazoid.

Speaking of Freakazoid, anyone know a good free/very cheap video editing program? I'm not sure how many Fridays are left on YouTube, before I have to start cutting my own clips.

How about Dr. Strange: The Oath? I've never read a Dr. Strange solo comic before, though I love the character. I thought it was fantastic, and I'm really glad I decided to pick it up. Crazy fun stuff.

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive has two issues remaining to draw me in. It's looking pretty grim, folks. This'll be the first time I've not bought a Flash comic since #141 back in 1998. Sadly, it won't be the first time that the Flash comic has sucked in that period of time. What do you mean Barry Allen has an evil twin? Vandal Savage and superpowered children?

I kind of wish Supergirl had kept a secret identity, but Superboy went through at least one before he settled into Conner Kent (Carl Kent, as I recall, showed up in a Batgirl issue or two). I think I'll have a deeper commentary about #10 at some point, but I thought it was a really good issue. Two good Supergirl issues in a row? Is it 2003 again?

I want to read a Starfire story entitled "Waiting to X'Hal." That is all.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?


Anonymous said...

"Waiting To X'Hal". Well done, sir.

Richard said...

George's face looked unusually shiny and smooth. This is why we both immediately thought it was a mask. don't suppose he had a Botox job, do you?