Sunday, December 03, 2006


What with reimaginings and revampings being all the rage these days, here's one I want to see:
The Zod Squad

Pokolistan Zod, Azzarello Phantom Zone Zod, and the new improved General Zod team up, forming a nigh-omnipotent band of homonym-bearing supervillains, bent on world domination. They are led in their quest by the ghostly disembodied head of the pocket universe General Zod, whom Superman killed years ago.

Unfortunately, as our villainous heroes soon discover, taking over the world isn't as easy as it's cracked up to be. After getting roundly defeated by the heroes of Earth, they decide to conquer other worlds, honing their skills and working their way up the hierarchy of inhabited planets.

But on each world, they end up sidetracked by some crazy mystery, which they must solve before they can make with the mayhem. They travel from planet to planet in a tie-dyed spacecraft, solving mysteries, recruiting soldiers, killing heroes, and subjugating the populace, as the almighty Zod Squad!

Come on, tell me that idea's not at least as cool as General Zod #4 and the Donner/Johns cut of Superman II.

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Anonymous said...

Eh, I perfer my new idea where all the Zods start fighting each other because Jax-Ur wants revenge for some reason, so they all combine into one due to a dimensional rip, or something and Jax-Ur and Non die but the latter gets replaced by Doomsday.

Because Doomsday is kind of redundant otherwise.