Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bad idea!

No, I'm not talking about Penance or organic web-shooters again.

I was skimming over yesterday's post, when I got an idea for a story. A Fantastic Four/Spider-Man team-up story, in fact. See, the amazing wingless Wizard has reformed, and has decided to put his anti-gravity technology to good use. In addition to selling the technology to a variety of civilian and military installations, he has united the tech with unstable molecules to create a new generation of high-tech fabrics, which he specifically designs for use by the superhero and law enforcement communities. But it's when he releases the space-age fabric to civilians as his own clothing line that his career really takes off. Athletes everywhere are buying Wittman brand shoes, athletic supporters, and bras. "When it comes to quality, nothing's higher than Wittman's." "This Valentine's Day, skip the Whitman's Sampler. Let her sample some Wittman's."

Months pass, and it seems like everyone in New York is wearing Wittman's clothes. The Wizard has become an overnight success. That is, of course, until legions of superheroes, law enforcement officials, military craft, athletes, and well-supported women start storming the Baxter Building. The Wizard has teamed up with (insert Marvel villain with mind-control technology here) in a mad bid to destroy his enemies and take over the world! Now, Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, and Spider-Man must hold their own against every trendsetter in New York City, including their own allies and family members who have been dominated by the Wizard's mind-controlling gravity-defying fashions!

Actually, now that I type all that, it doesn't sound so bad...


ticknart said...

Do you know who should save the day?
Franklin Richard, son of a genius, and H.E.R.B.I.E. This story seems right up their alley.

Erin Palette said...


The next time I run a Mutants & Masterminds game I am TOTALLY stealing that plot.

And I'm gonna name it "Antigrav Annihilation."

Verification word: Hammg -- the noise Power Girl's boobs make when she's knocked unconscious.

Will Staples said...

Of course, Janet Van Dyne and Jen Walters would be the vanguard...