Saturday, April 21, 2007

War Correspondence

From a recent IM conversation between me and my supplier. I'm only posting the parts that make me look awesome, because I don't want my readers to see how schooled I get on a regular basis. If Eric wants to look so good, he's got his blog.

Me: But I think the worst part about the J'onn story arc is that it's like a microcosm of the Penance thing
Eric: hm
Eric: yes, you're right
Eric: and that would explain our distaste for J'onn OYL anyway
Me: With Penance, Robbie spent eight or so issues denying his guilt and proclaiming his innocence, then suddenly went emo and angry
Me: lol
Me: In this, J'onn spent three issues contemplating the horrible things mankind does and their lies and dishonesty, but then is reminded of their courage, bravery, and willingness to fight, and so he joins with them again
Me: and then, two weeks later, he hates people and is all disenchanted with humanity
Eric: yeah
Eric: it's like Black Adam beat all the empathy for human beings out of J'onn
Me: yeah
Me: but then, why would he be smiling (I think) on the last page?
Eric: hm
Me: Man, I just hope this is the last we see of that god-awful costume
Eric: maybe his miniseries was a joke?
Me: lol
Me: it was a joke
Eric: yes, yes
Me: the punchline is "Trials of Shazam"
Me: I think "The Creeper" is a one-liner
Eric: LOL


Eric: it was a really good week
Eric: just, World War III
Eric: man, that could have been something
Me: yeah
Me: I think WWIII ends up being a marvel of compressed storytelling
Me: because they managed to cram an entire universe-spanning, 6-month crossover into 5 books
Me: you have the one core title that makes sense
Me: and then the peripheral books that unnecessarily expand on and contradict the core title, while addressing pointless continuity issues that no one cares about
Me: it's really kind of beautiful, in a train wreck sort of way
Eric: LOL
Eric: wow
Eric: great point
Me: If Civil War had crammed all its incoherence into 5 issues, I might have liked it.
Me: well, not liked
Me: but not so actively loathed
Eric: word


Anonymous said...

Dude, since when do I school you? Whenever we talk about comics, I always feel like you're Jack Black, and I'm that Asian kid who thinks it's kind of cool that he just sight-read the Doors on his keyboard, but still isn't sure about this crazy thing called "rock and roll."

I least I sound suitably gangsta in that excerpt. Word.

Derek said...

I like Martian Manhunters's new costume.

His comic and attitude suck, but I like the costume.

I know superhero costumes don't have to make sense, but the blue boots-and-swim-suit combo and red-straps-that-do-absolutely-nothing looked silly to me.

Now that he put on some damn pants, maybe I can take him seriously.

LurkerWithout said...

New Rule for 2008: