Monday, October 04, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 75

Rocketed from the dying planet Krypton, an infant child was rescued by a couple of aging progressive rock musicians from Kansas. As he grew, young Clark Kent discovered that he had powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal musicians. Faster than a Satriani solo! More powerful than a Manowar concert! Able to two-hand tap with only one hand! Look! There in the garage, it's--just some silly head-in-the-clouds dreamer. Despite being a virtuoso at any instrument he puts his hands on, Clark can't seem to catch his big break, but he also can't shake the feeling that he should be doing more with his life than rocking out in his garage. He hears voices when he's dreaming, a familiar woman's voice calling his name. In those dreams, he can rise above the noise and confusion, he has caught fleeting glimpses beyond the illusion of his life, glimpses of people he has never met and the people they ought to be. Though he may be a madman, he knows that something is wrong with the world, and forces beyond himself are driving his destiny. He sets out on the road with a guitar strapped to his back and a new mission: to form the greatest supergroup the world has ever known, and to make things right with the power of rock.

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