Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 95

Eight days ago, Robert Dufresne of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, fell into a coma due to a mysterious and sudden illness. Seven days ago, he died.Five days ago, he was buried after a tearful funeral. Four days ago, his grave was found disturbed and empty. Today, Robert Dufresne was found staggering around the streets of Baton Rouge in a suggestible trance, mute and disoriented, but still very much alive. More than fifty other residents of the greater Baton Rouge metropolitan area have died and had their graves defiled under similar circumstances in recent months, though Dufresne is the first to have been recovered. Someone in Baton Rouge is amassing an army of Vodou zombies, and Superman is determined to put a stop to it. But even if he finds the Bokor behind the zombies, is there any hope of finding a cure?

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