Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More things that bring you here

I got several hits looking for combinations of "George Lucas" and "Stephen Colbert," which is understandable.

Continuing that Star Wars thread are "luke skywalker as a Christ like figure" (you could make the argument, but he fits better in the broader Monomyth category) and the attack of "supergirls clones." And continuing the Supergirl thread is a search for "supergirl and captain boomerang." I hesitate to think at what fanfiction and disgusting fanart a search like that might turn up.

What exactly is "Kandor Scissor Talk"? Is this another one of those "things I'd rather not know" searches? I have similar trepidation regarding "bet drawn jack o lantern," though I'm not sure why.

I've mostly kept my deep love for all things He-Man off this blog, for no real reason except the usual He-Fan burnout (don't ask), so it surprises me to get a hit from "she-ra and he-man costumes." I really ought to do a post on He-Man stuff at some point, but it seems like if I start doing that sort of thing, I may never stop.

Somehow, over all the lyrics sites that litter the web, I'm on the first page of a Google search for "so i don't have to dream alone," because of this post. Looks like there really need to be more websites devoted to the songs of the '50s, even if they are essentially about wet dreams.

"Fan reaction to the death of Cyclops in X-Men: The Last Stand": It sucked.

"I hate Rob Liefeld": Join the club. You're in good company.

"Michael Turner sucks": Yes, we know.

"Batman vs scarecrow fear gas episode": 'Fraid you're going to have to narrow it down a bit.

On the Batman front, we have "Talia raped Batman," which is an interesting claim. Bruce implies it in one of the recent Morrison issues, but I haven't read Son of the Demon to see how well it holds up there. Of course, Superboy-Prime could have retroactively punched some rohypnol into Batman's drink.

In the same vein, someone wonders about "selina kyle's breasts." As long as Adam Hughes does the covers, the rest of us need not wonder.

Someone in Niceville, FL searched for "tom foss + criminal record." Whatever it is, I didn't do it. And whoever told you I did is a dirty liar.

Some poor schmuck is getting "peer pressure from the guys over being whipped by my girlfriend." Dude, unless "being whipped" actually destructive to your self-esteem and well-being, "the guys" need to shut the hell up. Either they're jealous that you're in a relationship, they're trying to mask the fact that they're just as "whipped," they're jerks, or they're actually concerned for your well-being. Evaluate which one it is, and then maybe evaluate your relationships.

In the 'Brilliant or Stupid' category, we have "Silence of the Lambs X-Men crossover." Given that one of the Hannibal Lecters and Dr. Chilton have both appeared in X-Men films, we're not too far off.

A reader from the UK asks this perennial question, "where superman keep his boots." Much like the sound of one hand clapping, or how many licks it takes to get to the center of Li'l Kim, the world may never know the answer.

Okay, I know Halloween's coming up, but why would you search for "dung costume"? That's a pretty crappy plan, if you ask me.

The award for best search goes to "el dorado and apache chief action figures," for combining obscure cartoon characters with action figures and unconventional use of the spacebar. I suspect there's some wishful thinking involved, too.

But my favorite search is "is harry potter a monomythic hero?" You betcha, buddy. We'll have to see in the next book if he goes through a literal death and resurrection, or if his descent into the underworld with Dumbledore in the last book was enough.

So...what brought you here?


Greg said...

I read the blog regularly, that's what brought me here, sir!

I don't know if you followed the comments over there at Comics Ought To Be Pretty Decent, Don't You Think?, but a few people suggested that the kid in Batman is NOT the kid from Son of the Demon. In that graphic novel, it's very clear that Talia did not rape Batman at all, and that Brucey was indeed getting his groove on willingly. So if it is the same kid, Batman's lying. I know, SHOCKING!

Tom Foss said...

I must have missed that comment section. Yeah, I think there has to be something more to the kid. And I trust Bruce at least a little more than I trust Talia.

I'm waiting for the bait-and-switch, where we find out that either the kid or Talia is actually Ra's, like in that (awesome) Batman Beyond episode.

If you have a link to that comment thread, or which post it's on, let me know.

And hey, enjoy Egypt! Try to stop off in Khandaq if you get a chance :).

SallyP said...

Oh Tom, you know I always stop by your space...just 'cuz it's fun.

Greg said...

I tried to post a link yesterday. Stupid blogger. Let's try again!

In the comments of this post is where the discussion about whether this kid is the same one as in Son of the Demon. I'll be interested to see if Morrison ever acknowledges it.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

Uh, i usually just surf in here as I have you on my blog (swhich, lets face it, is just an easy way for me to find my favorites, not something that I expect anyone else to use to find stuff).

I know, not terribly interesting. But i got a bunch of hits off of "kid miracleman scan" which is pretty damn random.