Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bat-Month: Dazzling Dare-Doll!

When I was younger, the FX channel had a great programming block on weekdays: two episodes of the 1960s Batman, an episode of Wonder Woman, and an episode of Green Hornet (though perhaps not in that order). I'd watched the Batman series for years before that, staying up late on the floor of my parents' bedroom to watch both parts of each story, but it was during these viewings that I really developed my tastes regarding the show. Foremost among those tastes: Batgirl. It got to be that I would be disappointed if I didn't see her swinging across the title sequences.

In honor of Bat-Month, I've been delving back into the '60s Batman series. Among the things I've found is the short Batgirl promo that was developed to convince studio execs to go forward with the show's third season. It's pretty fun, with a nice appearance by Killer Moth. Enjoy!

About the only complaint I have is that it doesn't use the awesome Batgirl theme song from the regular series. So, here's that, too:

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