Monday, October 05, 2009

Catching up

I've been steadily making my way through the comics I haven't had time to read over the last several months, with a particular focus on the Superman family books. One thing, though, has really bothered me: doesn't anyone remember that Ron Troupe and Lucy Lane were married? And had a kid? I would think that, since both characters are playing larger roles in the series than they have in years, and since the last time I remember them appearing (as well as baby Sam), they were in one of Rucka's issues, and since Rucka is one of the architects of the current status quo, that maybe there'd be some mention of all that. Instead, Ron Troupe's Secret Files entry doesn't even mention it, and he's still on the job at the Planet despite his wife being presumed dead.

I don't know, seems like a bit of ball-dropping to me.

Having just skimmed through Lucy's story in the Supergirl Annual, it's pretty clear that they've quietly and casually retconned away that entire era of Lucy's life, in order to make her into a bitter, unlikeable supervillain. I'm not thrilled.

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