Friday, April 08, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 261

Superman's in Fruitland, Idaho, home to one of the country's main Soder Cola production centers. He's not here for the guided tour, though--someone's been contaminating the cola, and Soder has asked the Man of Steel to investigate. None of the affected bottles made their way to the national distribution centers, but a few cases ended up in the greater Fruitland area, and the company is bending over backwards to satisfy the affected customers. The customers are bending over backwards too--and sideways, and in spirals--tying themselves in knots over the Gingold extract that somehow made it into their drinks! Now, Superman's tracking down the twisted trickster who slipped the stretchy serum into the soda, but he's going to need a couple of flexible hands to help the victims. Step aside, Superman--this looks like a job for the the Prince of Plasticity, the Rubberized Redhead, the stretchy teen in purple and green: Jimmy Olsen, Elastic Lad!

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