Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 267

When he stumbled out of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Idaho, Jack Doe had no memory, no identification, no possessions, and no name. During the weeks he spent convalescing in nearby Idaho Falls, he discovered that the only thing that ever felt right, that ever stirred even the smallest spark of recognition, was swinging an axe. He naturally took up work as a lumberjack, and found great success and a talent for the work. Over the last few years, he's worked his way through various logging companies all across the Northwest, finally returning to Idaho Falls to work with the USDA Forest Service. He's spearheaded work on sustainable forest initiatives and managing invasive species, showing considerable natural aptitude for adapting and developing green technologies and working with complex systems. In fact, the only project he hasn't been able to complete is discovering the source of a sinkhole in the midst of the very forest that, years ago, he left as an amnesiac. Incredible heat and strange gases well up from this tiny spot, killing local flora and causing animals to take ill and avoid it at all costs. So when Superman passes through the Gem State, Doe asks him to investigate the source of the problems. When Superman turns his back, Jack is as surprised as anyone to find himself swinging an axe at the Man of Steel! What could cause a peaceful man to have such a strange outburst? The answers lie in the forest--and at the center of the Earth!

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