Friday, April 22, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 275

When the Queen of Fables captures Uncle Sam and Miss America in Philadelphia, Superman is only barely able to escape her clutches. By the time he reaches Valley Forge, the mythic monarch's magic is already altering reality. Superman's powers are waning, and the chatter on the JLA communications network suggests that he may be lucky that they're still functioning at all! He puts out the call for allies, but it looks like Superman might be on his own for this one--until he's approached by a woman in 18th-century attire! Since the very beginning, Molly Pitcher has been there to help America in its times of need, and she has a message for Superman from Uncle Sam: the Queen of Fables is tapping into the power of America's cultural narratives for her own gain and glorification, and if Superman has any hope of defeating her, then he must do the same! The Man of Steel has a new quest: unite a new League for America, gathering the great heroes from the country's folklore tradition to fight against the woman who would be Queen!

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