Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 273

Clark Kent's taking a casual walk around the mall in Burlington, Massachusetts, looking for a souvenir or two to take back from the Bay State. So he's as surprised as any of the other customers when the gunshots ring out, sending panicked patrons fleeing for the exits. He moves against the flow of the crowd, only to find Oswald Cobblepot, flanked by half a dozen henchmen and carrying a colorful machine gun umbrella, engaging in a little violent larceny! As the Penguin's partners plunder and pilfer, Clark looks for a place to surreptitiously change his clothes. Meanwhile, he ponders the bizarre mystery before him: the Penguin reformed, becoming a wealthy businessman and successful club owner in Gotham City. Why on Earth would he be stealing trinkets from a Massachusetts department store?

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