Sunday, April 10, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 263

With the assassination of Harvey Milk and the mysterious and frightening beginnings of the AIDS pandemic, 1979 saw America's gay community looking for a hero. It was amid that climate that San Francisco's only openly-gay hero Stonewall teamed up with the Manx, formerly of the Justice Experience, to form The Alliance. Today, the Alliance has grown to become a worldwide network of superheroes and civilians, dedicated to defending LGBT rights and promoting positive collaboration between the gay and straight communities. But when Superman visits the Alliance's headquarters in San Francisco, he finds it cordoned off by police and officials from the Department of Immigration. The Alliance has granted asylum to James Ndede, an openly-gay Ugandan artist who faces deportation due to an expired visa--and once returned to Uganda, Ndede could be imprisoned or executed for his identity. Caught between immigration law and an innocent life, can Supermna find a peaceful solution before it's too late?

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