Saturday, February 05, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 199

Superman has returned to the San Antonio of the present, and his descendant has returned to the distant future, but there was a stowaway on their trip home! Revolutionary soldier, former Congressman, and folk hero David Crockett was accidentally brought to the present, mere moments before he would have died. Now, Superman faces a dilemma: send him back to be killed and burned unceremoniously in a mass pyre by the Mexican soldiers, or allow him to stay, despite the potential danger to the timestream and the psychological trauma of being a man out of time! Things only get more complicated with the arrival of two time travelers: Linear Man Liri Lee, who wishes to maintain the timestream's integrity, and rogue temporal physicist Walker Gabriel, offering Crockett asylum in the timeless city of Chronopolis! It's up to the Man of Steel to help Crockett make his decision, and protect him from those who would rob him of that right--no matter the cost!

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