Sunday, February 27, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 221

Alex Trent was a small-time member of the Aryan Brotherhood until a demon called Bloodthirst implanted teleportation devices into his chest and hand. With them, Trent became the second Bloodsport, able to instantly acquire any weapon from a vast arsenal. He was defeated handily by Superman, and was killed in prison by his own Brotherhood.

Until he rose again. During the event called the Blackest Night, Trent left his simple grave to exact revenge and extract emotional energy from his Aryan brothers. But despite his Nekron-augmented abilities, he was overcome by their firepower, and they were able to steal away his cybernetic implants. Several months later, the Aryan Brotherhood sent schematics to a small arms manufacturer, detailing the construction of an ammunition clip that could transport bullets directly into the chamber, providing near-infinite ammunition for any gun fitted with the device. When these "cheat-clips" hit mass production, along with other weapon designs culled from various sources, supremacist groups across the nation were first in line to order them, tipped off by their partners in purity.

And as Superman and Steel raid a militia compound near Elizabethtown, KY, they discover that this is only one small piece of a much larger, more sinister picture--one that is continuing to unravel as Aryan, Neo-Nazi, and KKK groups form a united front, ready to wage a war of racial purity across the nation. And, to Superman's horror, it all began with an attempt to create metahuman Klansmen over sixty years ago--an attempt that he foiled while lost in time!

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, senators from Kentucky, Indiana, and Mississippi, along with a handful of Representatives, have decided to filibuster Senator Reilly's bill--with deadly force! The Capitol is locked down and taken hostage as the first strike in this racial holy war!

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