Friday, February 11, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 205

It was a beautiful morning in Claremore, Oklahoma, before there was a change in the weather. Appearing from out of nowhere, a torrential rainstorm drenched the small city, and the winds came right behind! Hurricane-force winds swept down the plains, putting town in a terrible fix--and it's all because of the mysterious machinations of the wicked Weather Wizard! Visiting reporter Clark Kent isn't about to just stand in the rain and watch the renegade Rogue make lazy circles in the sky, not with the disheartened townsfolk losing hope for any rescue. But what could have brought the villain so far from Keystone City? Why attack without making any demands? The Man of Steel will learn that this meteorological menace has targeted Claremore as part of a caper as big as all outdoors! When he pulls off this gig, the red sun will set, the stars will fall from above, and people will weep and wail for miles around. Soon, all the world will flee, and the land will belong to the Weather Wizard!

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