Saturday, February 26, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 220

In this issue, Mister Troupe goes to Washington! Following the attempted assassination of a Congresswoman, Senator Lorraine Reilly and a few of her colleagues have introduced legislation to make sale and possession of so-called "cheat clips," small single-subject teleportation units that can provide near-infinite ammunition to a variety of personal arms. Debate begins today, and Ron Troupe and Jimmy Olsen are on-hand to cover it!
Meanwhile, Clark Kent and John Henry Irons have traced the "cheat clips" and knockoffs of Irons' Toastmaster guns to a small firearms manufacturer in North Haven, Connecticut, and they're planning to have some stern words with the owner! But the interview reveals that this isn't the end of the trail by a long shot. Lachesis Firearms received the schematics anonymously a few months prior, and the weapons quickly became their most popular product, selling particularly well online. The customer list shows deliveries all across the country, with the earliest adopters near Louisville, Kentucky. As the Men of Steel race toward the Bluegrass State, Superman can't help but feel a twinge of déjà vu...

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