Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 202

The history of American Fork, Utah, is intimately connected with the religious traditions of its residents, but in recent weeks something new seems to have taken hold of the citizens' souls. The old churches have nearly emptied of adults, as priests and elders leave their posts for a popular new chapel on the outskirts of town. And they've brought that fervor back to their homes, destroying televisions, video equipment, even religious music, and enforcing strict new rules on their children. While the kids of American Fork are learning to be silent, their parents spend every night paying tribute in the chapel, raising their voices in harmony. Every night, more and more adolescents find themselves tossing and turning, dreaming of something sinister approaching, but just beyond their reach. Every day, it feels more and more like something's eyes are watching, always watching. Superman arrives to find a youth culture holding out for a hero--and an adult population enthralled, using strange harmonics to make this world almost a paradise for some extradimensional influence! Can the Man of Steel turn things around and cut the citizens loose, or will even Superman be swept off his feet by this otherworldly menace?

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