Saturday, January 01, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 164

A few short years ago, while Superman was missing in action, Lex Luthor rose to some prominence and popularity by developing the Everyman Exo-Gene treatment, which brought superpowers to the masses...for a price. But on the stroke of midnight that New Year's Eve, those powers suddenly turned off, killing hundreds--if not thousands--of superhuman civilians. But as another new year arrives in Times Square today, it seems that someone has decided to reverse that tragedy. In the final moments of New Year's Eve, Superman discovered a lead-shielded device in the New Year's Eve Ball. In his attempt to discover its purpose, he inadvertently triggered it, releasing a strange customized virus onto the thousands below. Rather than some exotic illness, however, this virus contained a transmissible version of the Everyman treatment, infecting thousands of people with superpowers! Now, the virus is spreading through the Big Apple, and it's becoming clear that so many people suddenly gaining amazing abilities may be just as deadly as suddenly losing them! It's up to Superman to find a cure, before the newly-minted metahumans bring this super-city to the ground--but they won't be giving up their powers without a fight!

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