Friday, January 14, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 177

Superman's journey takes him back to Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, epicenter of the formation of the Justice League. Resident Snapper Carr gives the Man of Steel the grand tour, but when they reach the Justice League's old Secret Sanctuary, these old friends stumble into a trap set by an old enemy! Quick thinking and quicker actions by Snapper allow him to activate an old distress signal before he and Superman are whisked away. But the signal didn't summon the old Justice Leaguers. Instead, Red Tornado, Superboy, Kid Flash, Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Arrowette, Empress, and the girl once known as Secret are on the case! But the reunited Young Justice teammates won't have much time to catch up: they've got a play-date with the Weapons Master, and if they lose at his deadly board game, the founding members of the Justice League will lose their lives!

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