Sunday, January 02, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 165

Richland, Washington is a remarkable city. According to declassified government reports, thousands of gallons of radioactive water were released into the Columbia River and surrounding ecosystem by the nearby Hanford Site nuclear reservation during the Cold War. This accounts not only for an elevated rate of certain health concerns, but also a significant increase in metagene activation. The abnormal number of super-powered children and adolescents led to problems early on, until a large contribution by an anonymous donor in the mid-50s facilitated the construction of the Wilson Academy, the first public school dedicated to the education of extra-normal students. Today, the school complex is much larger than it was in the '50s, and the declining number of meta-gene activations since the Hanford Site cleaned up its act has been supplanted by an influx of new families hoping to give their metahuman children the training they need. Today, for the first time in decades, all the students are gathered into the High School auditorium for a speech by the Man of Steel himself. But before that happens, Superman takes a little tour of the campus, and he's going to find that not all students are on-board with the school's doctrine of heroics and fair play...

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