Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 188

Superman's visit to the Marvelous Mirror Maze in South Carolina left him and Krypto stranded in an alternate dimension, while their antimatter counterparts are free to wreak havoc on their world. With Superman unconscious, it's up to his faithful pet to seek out help in this world where the sun still never sets on the British Empire, thanks to the efforts of the children and grandchildren of Superman's counterpart, Sir Clark of Kent! Thankfully, Krypto shouldn't have too much trouble communicating with the super-knight; after all, he was raised by wolves! Krypto rallies the pack to rescue Superman, as the fates of countless worlds hang in the balance!
Meanwhile, in the Krypto Second Feature, the Dog of Steel meets Rex the Wonder Dog, as the two canine crusaders track a missing child in the Rocky Mountains.

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