Friday, January 21, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 184

As a clock somewhere chimes midnight, Superman stands at an old intersection in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Legend has it that at this "Devil's Crossroads," blues musician Robert Johnson sold his soul for supernaturally amazing musical abilities. Some say the story is mere myth, some say Johnson's benefactor was the Vodoun gatekeeper Papa Legba, and some say it was Satan himself. Regardless of which version is the truth, a weary Man of Steel finds himself approached by a mysterious old man, who offers him an end to his travels. With a word, Superman could eradicate evil and injustice worldwide, rendering everything from hunger to disease a thing for the history books. Surely one so self-sacrificing as Superman would be willing to sacrifice himself for the happiness and prosperity of countless billions of people, now and into the distant future. The whole world could gain so much from the loss of one man's soul. Superman started this journey to reconnect with humanity, but at this crossroads he may lose his own...

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