Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 175

In one of the first volleys of the Imperiex War, a hollower bomb was dropped on Topeka, Kansas, with the ultimate goal of destroying the Earth. While the planet was saved, Topeka was almost completely annihilated. The superheated air and dust and ash swept out from ground zero, devastating towns as far away as Smallville, and over one hundred thousand people lost their lives. When Superman returns to the Kansas state capital today, he finds a city still trying to rebuild and reclaim its lost glory. He thinks back to the friends he lost in that war--Guy Gardner, Hippolyta, Aquaman, Maxima, and others--and notes how many of them have since returned to the land of the living, in some cases more than once. Resurrection has become so common among his friends and allies that they consider it when planning funerals. Meanwhile, Topeka is still largely depopulated, still reeling from the terrible tragedy, and the innocent people whose lives were lost in a battle between superhumans and gods are not going to come back. But maybe, though he cannot raise the dead, Superman can help give Topeka a new life.

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