Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 181

Not too long ago, Superman visited the Harlem neighborhood in New York City, where local hero Muhammad X gave him a decidedly chilly reception. Today, Superman hopes that he'll be more open to the help of an outsider--outsiders, actually, because this time, Superman's bringing reinforcements. Steel! Fire! Icon! Gangbuster! Mr. Terrific! Black Lightning! John Stewart! Blue Beetle! The Atom! Huntress! All these, and a host of other heroes including the Supermen of America, have united to make a real change in Harlem. Their main goal is the construction of a new youth education and recreation center, a safe haven for Harlem's children and teens away from gangs and the streets. But they're also bringing along new funds, equipment, and teaching techniques for Harlem schools, provided by the Wayne Foundation. They're bringing adult education modules and refurbishing local businesses to help drive down unemployment. They're bringing pledges from New York's other superheroes to put forth a concerted effort to clean up Harlem's streets. No one in Superman's team expects that they'll be able to solve Harlem's problems overnight, but through funding, effort, and example, they hope that they'll at least be able to make a change. And Superman hopes that Muhammad X will be on-board with that.

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