Friday, January 07, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 170

Ever since John Jones left Middleton, CO, the private investigator market has had an empty niche, and an empty office. That office has only recently been reopened, as a newly-relocated detective agency tries to fill his shoes--and their first big client is a knockout! The dame walks in with an attitude like she owns the place, and even the landlord might fall for it. She's got spunk, moxie, chutzpah, and a problem the size of a linebacker. Seems her husband has gone missing, right about the same time that Superman passed on out of town, and no one's seen him since. Chances are her missing farm boy is just out sowing some wild oats, though it'd be a shame, since she seems an awful lot wilder than any Quaker. But the lady's willing to pay top dollar to recover her man, some press-man named Kent who's supposed to be covering Big Blue's little vacation. Fella mustn't be all that special if she didn't even take his last name; then again, with the kind of alliteration she's got, it's hard to blame her. One way or another, this Kent guy'll turn up, because Lois Lane has engaged the unique services of the best private investigators around: O'Day and Simeon--Angel and the Ape!

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