Friday, January 28, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 191

Despite being a felony in all fifty states, despite the cruelty and associated crime, dog fighting is a booming business. There are rings and circuits all over the country, especially states with lenient animal cruelty laws. Such is the case with Mississippi, where a warehouse in Long Beach regularly holds the most unusual dog fights in the world. The villainous promoter called Roulette has moved on from her usual stock of superhero gladiatorial matches; pitting enhanced, super-powered, and alien dogs into the arena pays just as well with fewer organized escape attempts. The crowd is packed in thick tonight; the reigning champion hasn't had a challenge like this in weeks, and the audience wants a bloodbath. Who will emerge victorious: tonight's newcomer, the Mutt of Steel, Krypto the Super-Dog; or the merciless defender, the battle-scarred New Genesis war dog called Sturmer? It's up to Superman to stop the fight, but can he make it in time?

Plus, the Krypto Second Feature puts the Dog of Steel on the trail of Koko, Brainiac's deadly alien pet that was lost on Earth after the Hundred-Minute War.

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