Saturday, January 15, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 178

Clark Kent and Lois Lane take a long walk around California's scenic Coronado Island, but when a storm rolls in from the ocean, it begins to look like they should never have left the Hotel del! The whirling winds whip around them, and Lois is knocked unconscious by a piece of flying debris. When the super-tongue of Krypto wakes her up, she finds that Coronado Island has suddenly become a lot more primary-colored, and why is she wearing shoes made of Red Kryptonite? She doesn't have long to wonder before the Newsboy Guild tells her that the only way she can return home is to consult the wizard who lives in the Sunstone City. Along the way, she'll encounter a familiar scarecrow, tin-man, and lion, who will help her find her way back to reality. Just pay no attention to the bald man behind the curtain...

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