Friday, August 27, 2010

Bottomless Nerdity

My fianceƩ and I have been car shopping for a little over a month. My car is getting to be pretty unreliable, and cleaning up the oil slick in the garage every couple of weeks is fairly frustrating. We'd just about given up recently, having heard little from the local agents we had out looking for us.

Until yesterday. I got the call shortly after work that they had found pretty much precisely what we'd been looking for. It was amazing. It's got almost all the features I wanted, and it's a beautiful iridescent blue. We made our down payment, and we'll be picking it up in a week or so. I'm quite excited.

So naturally I was still thinking about the car--and its gorgeous blue color--when I texted her a little later:
The leg room certainly makes it feel bigger on the inside.

I'm thinking "Classy, and Relative Dimension in Space."

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Erin Palette said...

It's got a clock on the dash, right? So not only does it drive around, but it also tells time. Thus, "Chronograph and Relative Dimension in Space."