Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A decent first try

Hey, remember when there was that long stretch with no Doctor Who show, and then they brought it back?

Yeah, not that time. I'm talking that other time. The 1996 time.

The TV Movie holds special significance to to me, because it was almost certainly the very first Doctor Who show I watched on its first airing. It was definitely the first Doctor Who episode I made plans to watch. Plus, I really like Paul McGann as the Doctor, though that's more due to the audio plays than the Fox episode.

The TV Movie is quite flawed, but it's not as terrible as its reputation makes it out to be. Heck, I'm pretty sure I'm more excited to watch it again than "Planet of the Dead," but that's mostly because "Planet of the Dead" is so unmemorable that I recall almost nothing of what happened in it. Say what you will about the TV movie, at least it tried for epic.

Well, if you've been eager to check it out, but unable because of the rights issues that kept it from being released in the US, then I have great news for you: the rights have been cleared up, and a new, snazzy, extras-filled DVD edition should be released sometime in the next year.

I'll be getting it, to be sure, but I was impatient. I picked up a Region 2 copy on a year or so ago.

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