Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Bells Are Ringing

Another post eaten by this Blogger scheduling problem. Just pretend this posted yesterday at 3:00.

Usually when I talk about my personal life on the blog here, it's to give excuses about late posts, or to share something geeky and funny that happened in meatspace. This post is a little different. See, when this posts, I'll be getting married. And shortly thereafter, I'll be going on my honeymoon. Hooray!

On the blog side of things, you need not fear. Walking with Superman will continue to post daily, unless there's a serious snafu. Posts are scheduled through a day or two after the Honeymoon, and I'll be using all that time on the plane to plan some more. I might not get to comments or questions much, though, and my Twitter feed will likely continue to gather cobwebs. Such is life.

As far as the ceremony goes, I've been prepared by years of reading comics, and I totally know what to expect. I think I'll consider the shindig a success if none of the following things happen:
  • My fianceĆ© being plucked out of the timestream and all memories of and references to her erased.
  • An ex-girlfriend showing up in an outfit made of leather straps to wreak havoc, fry the pastor, and try to kill us.
  • Electro and/or the Spider-Slayer showing up to disrupt proceedings.
  • Stan Lee and Jack Kirby being turned away at the door.
  • The event being rewritten at some future point due to a deal with the Devil.
  • One of us turning out to be a zombie who has hypnotized the other into going through with the wedding.
  • Changes to the timeline forcing one of us to go back to the past and distracting the other long enough for them to avoid being killed prematurely.
  • Our technorganic alternate future child showing up.
  • My father-in-law shooting my best man.
  • Our deaths at the hands of the dude who has been killing us over and over through a variety of reincarnations.
  • The wedding being a clever ploy by one of us to exploit the other's mental breakdown.
  • One of us turning out to be a shapeshifter.
I think if we can avoid any of those, we'll be in good shape. In any case, I'll be back and posting post-honeymoon. Take it easy.


Anthony Strand said...

Congratulations, man!

Anonymous said...

Holy mackeral, belated congratulations!